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This site is designed to provide you with a simplified, building-block approach to learning basic math, algebra, precalculus, general chemistry and organic chemistry. Sometimes subjects like math and chemistry are viewed and taught as complex concepts that must be memorized. What you will find here is a basic, simple approach that will enable anyone to master math and chemistry.

If you need further personal homework help with these subjects, we help put the power of the internet at your disposal with our Online Tutoring Reviews. Today, affodable online tutors are available 24/7.

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Students - Whether you are a middle school, high school or college student, this site will provide you with:

  • A simple building-block approach that will make learning math and chemistry easy.
  • Access to reviews of Online Tutoring resources if you feel you need personalized help.

  • Parents - Whether your child is public, private or home schooled, this site will give you:
  • Information to help put your child on the path to really understanding math and chemistry
  • Enable you to provide your your child the help he or shee needs with information directly on this site or through an affodable online tutor.
  • On this site you will...

    Discover... Math, Algebra and Precaclulus Dictionaries which explain basic and advanced math concepts in simple, easy to understand language.

    Learn... a "building-block approach" to understanding the Atomic Structure of Elements... Which provides a unique way to grasp and interpret the Periodic Table which is teh foundation for Understanding rather than Memorizing Chemistry...

    Hear... how I rescued my 6 year old son from the clutches of "the new reading method"... And how my 4 year old son learned to read in the process... By using a set of home-made phonics flash cards.

    View... well-organized summaries and reviews of the five best Online Tutoring sites on the web...So that you can see if getting homework help through an e-tutor is an option for you and if so… Which service provider is right for you.

  • Basic Math Help – From Basic Arithmetic to Fractions to Word Problems... One of the biggest challenges facing parents is helping their children with Basic Math Homework – from basic arithmetic to fractions to math word problems. we present you with the secrets we have learned for making math easy and fun.

  • Algebra Homework Help – Equations, Units, Exponents... Review our Algebra Homework Help Secrets in all these critical skill areas to see which ones can lead you to a mastery of this most fundamental of math skills.

  • Precalculus – Rational Functions, Quadratic Functions, Polynomials, Exponentials and Logarithms - Take a look ar our Precalculus Homework Help Secrets to see which ones will help you improve your understanding and grades.

  • Chemistry – Atomic Structure, Bonding, Formulas... Check out our unique approaches to understanding Chemistry that make it fun instead of the nightmare it can be if you try to memorize it all.

  • Organic Chemistry – The chemistry of Carbon... Learn Organic Chemistry in a building-block approach that makes it easy and fun to learn.

  • Reading Activities – Scientifically documented "Systematic Phonics Instruction"... Reading is the most basic and essential of skills for success. A person who reads well and with confidence… can teach themselves just about anything. We present you with what we know from our own first hand experience and what is documented by reading researchers to be the best way to learn to become an excellent reader…

  • Online Tutoring - Reviews of the best five Online Tutoring Sites... Well organized easy to read and understand reviews with a summary of both strengths and weaknesses of each website so you can make up your own mind if Online Tutoring is right for you.

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    Math Help - Unique Proven Secrets to Better Math Grades
    Get Math Help through a step-by-step approach to understanding numbers through basic arithmetic up to "Ready for Algebra"
    Algebra Homework Help - Unique Proven Secrets to Better Algebra Grades
    Get Algebra Homework Help through a step-by-step approach to understanding how symbols are treated like numbers.
    Precalculus - Unique Proven Secrets to Better Precalculus Grades
    Get Precalculus Homework Help in key areas of Advanced Algebra that prepare you for Calculus.
    Chemistry Help, Unique Proven Secrets to Better Chemistry Grades
    Get Chemistry Help throug a building-block approach to Atomic Structure-Understand the Periodic Table-Discover how Ionic and Covalent Bonds are formed-Master Organic Chemistry
    Organic Chemistry, Unique Proven Secrets to Better Organic Chemistry Grades
    Get Organic Chemistry Help by understanding the atomic structure and properties of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen
    Reading Activities - Learning to Read with Phonics
    Reading Activities help children and adults learn to read or improve their reading through Phonics.
    Online Tutoring - Reviews of the Best Online Tutor Sites
    Online Tutoring - Reviews of the Best Online Tutor Sites
    Homeschool Resources - Help for Homeschooling Math, Chemistry, Algebra, Reading
    Homeschool Resources to help your children learn basic math, algebra, chemistry, improve reading
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